Hart & Clough Print Group web design

Crafting a modern website for a traditional printer

The importance of a website that maintains a brand’s heritage while evolving with the digital landscape is well understood by Buzz Design. That’s why we were excited to reconnect with Hart & Clough Lithography, a distinguished fine lithographic printing company with over 135 years of experience. After collaborating with a different provider for several years, Managing Director Richard Clough approached Buzz Design to create an all-new website that would re-introduce Hart & Clough’s expertise to a contemporary audience.

Richard’s vision was clear: a website that not only honours Hart & Clough’s rich history but also effectively communicates their exquisite craftsmanship and diverse printing services to potential clients. Here’s how we collaborated to achieve these goals:

  • Highlighting Expertise: We restructured the website to provide a comprehensive overview of Hart & Clough’s entire service portfolio. This detailed presentation showcases their capabilities in creating high-quality books, brochures, and a variety of other printed materials. Potential clients gain a clear understanding of the exceptional printing solutions Hart & Clough offers.
  • Showcasing Craftsmanship: To visually demonstrate the quality and artistry of Hart & Clough’s work, we incorporated stunning custom photography featuring real-world projects. These high-resolution images allow visitors to appreciate the exquisite detail and vibrant colors achievable through Hart & Clough’s lithographic printing process.
  • Enhancing User Experience: We strategically placed icons throughout the website to break up text-heavy sections, improving readability and creating a visually engaging experience for visitors. This focus on user experience ensures that potential clients can easily navigate the website and find the information they need.
  • A Website that Works: Understanding the importance of online visibility, we partnered with Hart & Clough to develop a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. This ensures that Hart & Clough’s website ranks higher in search engine results, attracting a wider audience of potential clients actively searching for high-quality printing services.
  • Expanding Reach: To further amplify Hart & Clough’s brand message and connect with new audiences, we developed a strategic social media plan. This plan leverages the power of social media platforms to showcase Hart & Clough’s work, cultivate brand awareness, and ultimately drive new leads and sales.

The outcome is a website that both respects Hart & Clough’s rich legacy and strategically prepares them for future triumphs in the continuously changing digital realm. This project exemplifies Buzz Design’s ability to create impactful websites that tell a brand’s story, showcase expertise, and drive business growth.

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