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Helping a CGI specialist to visualise a successful website

A website should do more than just list services; it should embody a company’s creative spirit. That’s exactly why we were excited to collaborate with Tangible Visual. This leading company specialises in architectural visualisation, product rendering, animation, and VR solutions. Renowned for their stunning visuals and innovative storytelling, Tangible Visual sought a website that mirrored these very qualities.

We took a collaborative approach to this project, working closely with the talented team at Tangible Visual to understand their brand identity and desired website experience. Our goal was to create a website that felt like a natural extension of their creative spirit. Here’s how we achieved this:

  • Capturing the Tangible Visual Essence: Through open communication and brainstorming sessions, we gained a deep understanding of Tangible Visual’s brand voice and design aesthetic. This collaborative process allowed us to craft a website that visually resonates with their clientele, from the color scheme and typography to the overall layout and user experience.
  • A Showcase of Expertise: We prioritised a user-friendly platform that effectively showcases Tangible Visual’s diverse range of services. High-quality visuals take center stage, with stunning examples of architectural visualisations, product renderings, animations, and VR experiences captivating visitors. Clear and concise project descriptions highlight Tangible Visual’s capabilities and the value they deliver to clients.
  • Accessibility and Affordability: Recognising the growing importance of website management, we designed the website with Tangible Visual’s in-house WordPress expertise in mind. This approach allowed us to design a visually stunning and user-friendly website, while also ensuring a cost-effective solution that Tangible Visual could easily build, maintain and update themselves.

More than just a portfolio, the website embodies Tangible Visual’s creative spirit. This project showcases Buzz Design’s collaborative approach and our ability to craft stunning websites with a strategic purpose. We design websites that attract new clients and highlight the expertise of companies in architectural visualisation, product rendering, animation, and VR solutions. Through collaboration, stunning visuals, and user-friendly design, we bring your company’s vision to life and position you for long-term success.

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