Use only the right services

There is no one size fits all answer and certainly no golden bullet to get more sales. From an ever growing range of services, the biggest challenge is knowing what the right marketing services are for your business.

You might believe a new brand is needed to freshen up your look, but is it the answer? Instead, a social media campaign to re-engage with your customers and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques may be the answer. Knowing which marketing services work for you is no easy task but our decades of experience can guide you.

What marketing tools is your business currently using and what is your investment? It is important to think investment and not spend as spend could be just burning money and wasting time. How do you measure your results and what is the return on your investment on a monthly basis? Are you able to increase your investment for an even larger return? If your business currently operates in this working practice, you are using the right marketing tools for your business.

If not, then stop and get creative! Find a specialist to serve you and your business with the right services for your ongoing development.

Case Study

In October 2017 Greater Manchester and Liverpool based estate agent Greenco Properties asked Buzz Design to investigate the possibility of making better use of videos on their website to boost engagement and create more listings for both lettings and sales.

We researched videos created by the competitors the results the videos generated were shocking! It wasn’t uncommon for the videos to have just a handful of views and comments meaning next to nobody had seen the content or reacted to it.

Along with our quote for creating the concept and producing the video at almost £4,000 we presented the views and engagement figures to the client. Seeing the potentially low figures, we instead investigated ways of better utilising their marketing budget.