Take ownership and control

Your business is at a cross roads. You may have done very well over the years but the last couple have not been so great. Over time you’ve gained a loyal work force and financially you personally are safe. It is time to take ownership and re-gain control!

You recognise that things need to change and more importantly change fast as things will otherwise soon fall apart. So, what do you need to do? Take ownership and re-gain control!

You have two main options…

Option One
Raid your ‘War Chest’ to get the right service provider in and invest over the next 12 to 36 months on marketing, sales and a plan to re-train your company.

Option Two
‘Kick the company cat’ blame everyone and not yourself then insist they work harder and better for you as they are clearly not performing to your standards.

You have a fundamentally good business and there is a good market to be had. You do have a loyal workforce who rely on you for leadership and direction – shouldn’t that be humbling? Here is your moment to shine by finding a service provider who is able to best work with you and your team to create the new vision for your business and establish the roles and responsibilities of each employee.

Look carefully at your market and create a marketing plan and sales strategy. Does your workforce and create a standard working system that everyone understands, everyone uses and everyone can flourish in. Check your financial figures and invest hard to get results based on hard facts and data which can be measured and fine tuned for better performance.

The results? Better staff, more work, higher turnover, increased profit and a strong future for all.

Case Study

Buzz Design helped Mapi Group to establish a range of issues which affected the day-to-day running of the business. The problems were clear to see but needed an outside perspective to resolve them. An array of divisions  proved expensive to run, didn’t speak to each other and couldn’t work as one. This led to mass confusion both internally and externally with clients who recognised the lack of connection.

We helped reduce the company to four interlinked divisions which generated better communication and made the company easier to understand. As part of this huge cost savings were made and the streamlined structure gave Mapi Group the ability to successfully enter the US market.