Succeed in sales

‘A great sales person can sell snow to Eskimos’ might be a good saying, but it isn’t necessarily true. Why would anyone want to buy something that they have more than enough of and that won’t add anything to their lives in any way? How do you become a sales success?

A great sales person is one who has the ability to locate what someone wants or needs (Even if they are not yet aware of it) and to identify how a product or service will have a great effect on their life.

A great example of this is actually the Apple iPad. You don’t really need one to start off with as it is just a bigger iPhone, but once you have it the effect can be dramatic with perceived benefit for the user.

So, how do you become great at selling? Why is selling looked down upon? Why don’t some people like being sold to?

To become great at selling, you must first consider the person or company to whom you are wanting to sell to by placing yourself into their position. Listen carefully and understand their needs and requirements fully and ensure what you are selling is of benefit to them – not you. Becoming a great listener requires practice as we all have an ego that can get in the way at times. Being more connected requires continual focus and placing yourself into the position of your customer requires a little empathy.

Selling and sales, for some reason is looked down upon in the UK. We all sell and are selling at different levels at different times without even knowing it. If you truly had no selling ability, you would have nothing as at a basic level every negotiation is a sale. We are all sales people!

It is suggested that we don’t like to be sold to but this is again not true. No one enjoys someone trying to force them to do something they are not ready for or don’t want. This comes from when you were a child and told to do something by an adult but even the most careful person can be sold to. You have to find their trigger point, what they like and desire and understand what they are prepared to pay for. This can be difficult, but with a little training and some hard work it can be found.

Having read this you may think I’ve not tried to sell to you, but think about it… This could be my way of finding out more about you in order for me to best help you in sales success in the future.

Case Study

In October 2017 Greater Manchester and Liverpool based estate agent Greenco Properties asked Buzz Design to investigate the possibility of making better use of videos on their website to boost engagement and create more listings for both lettings and sales.

We researched videos created by the competitors the results the videos generated were shocking! It wasn’t uncommon for the videos to have just a handful of views and comments meaning next to nobody had seen the content or reacted to it.

Along with our quote for creating the concept and producing the video at almost £4,000 we presented the views and engagement figures to the client. Seeing the potentially low figures, we instead investigated ways of better utilising their marketing budget.