Social Media PR

PR as we originally known it is no more. Print publications are on the decline with publication businesses shifting from being printed every day or week to constantly updated digitally and online.

PR is alive, kicking and stronger than ever but it has a new name – ‘Social Media’ – with platforms allowing companies instant access to their customers. Now we have that cleared up let’s get onto how social media PR can best help you with your growing business.

Let’s start with your business… Who are your customers? What is their central demographic? What do they like to see and hear on social media. Get the answers to this and you are well on your way to having a good ‘public relationship’ with your current customers and potential new ones.

The next important question for your business is how would you like to be portrayed? What is your businesses personality and way of communicating? If your customers don’t like your corporate tone, you won’t be in line with their requirement and desires leading to reduced sales opportunities.

Finally, investing into effective social media PR will give you a return on your investment by opening new channels and opportunities for feedback and improvement. Your company will have the ability to deal with negative comments and misunderstanding from your customers and competitors in an open forum for all to see.

This is lot to take in for many and I can hear you say “What does this mean for us?” The simple answer is take your next brave step, get in touch and allow us to best help you with your social media PR. Long live Public Relations!

Case Study

In October 2017 Greater Manchester and Liverpool based estate agent Greenco Properties asked Buzz Design to investigate the possibility of making better use of videos on their website to boost engagement and create more listings for both lettings and sales.

We researched videos created by the competitors the results the videos generated were shocking! It wasn’t uncommon for the videos to have just a handful of views and comments meaning next to nobody had seen the content or reacted to it.

Along with our quote for creating the concept and producing the video at almost £4,000 we presented the views and engagement figures to the client. Seeing the potentially low figures, we instead investigated ways of better utilising their marketing budget.