Return on investment

Do you think it is possible to have a full return on investment on your marketing investment? Do you think that this can be achieved within 12 months? Let’s split 12 months into four 90 day cycles and get to the bottom of how ROI typically works.

For this example, we’ll say for your first 90-day cycle covers the initial investment is £10K. This is invested into developing your marketing tools, working systems and business coaching. This initial spend should be seen as investing for the future of your business.

In the second 90-day cycle you have now funded in total £20K. This is again on marketing tools both digital (SEO, social media, advertising) and offline (brochures, leaflets and possibly telesales). This establishes systems that work for you, for better conversions and furthermore for the business to develop. Over this period we expect to see returns which consequently go towards neutralising your investment.

During our third 90-day cycle you are heading towards neutralising all of your funding to date. You have funded to the tune of £30K while increasing your business and boosted profits by £30K+ so financially you are at ‘zero investment’ as it has been covered by your net profit.

Our final 90-day cycle normally sees your investment being entirely self-funding. Furthermore, you are also making extra profit on this, all adding up to a very healthy return on your investment!

At the end of your initial 12 month period the decision is yours – Do we proceed with the same level of investment or boost investment for even greater returns over the coming year?

Case Study

Buzz Design are currently working with a manufacturing company in the North East who are going through this process. While the initial return on investment results are extremely positive, we will report in full when their 12 months programme has concluded.