New levels of leadership

As the owner, managing director or CEO of a business it is incumbent of you to lead from the front. Leadership is not always easy, as you are expected to know all of the answers all of the time. Isn’t it time you reached new levels of leadership?

Leadership is the new ‘rock and roll’ and with all the tools at your disposal, there is no reason why you are unable to continually develop as a leader, leading your team to greater competence and personal achievements.

To help you and your business to even greater heights, I would like to introduce Business Operating System™ or BOS™. This effective business system has the ability to be integrated into your business and help you with challenges that include:

– Issues with staff and teams
– Creating control without being controlling
– Enhancing profit and rewards
– Accelerating growth and breaking through your glass ceiling
– Focusing on your direction
– Eliminating loss of traction

This all helps you and your team to become a more healthy and focused on the tasks in hand.

Variants of BOS™ can be found in most large and global companies, from McDonald’s to Rolls-Royce for example. This does not mean you have to be a very large company to see the benefits. Ideally it comes onboard from around ten staff however there is also a  BOS™ Lite version for teams of fewer people.

So, what are some of the leadership challenges BOS™ is able to tackle?
– Vision
– People
– Data
– Issues
– Process
– Transaction

Case Study

In October 2017 Greater Manchester and Liverpool based estate agent Greenco Properties asked Buzz Design to investigate the possibility of making better use of videos on their website to boost engagement and create more listings for both lettings and sales.

We researched videos created by the competitors the results the videos generated were shocking! It wasn’t uncommon for the videos to have just a handful of views and comments meaning next to nobody had seen the content or reacted to it.

Along with our quote for creating the concept and producing the video at almost £4,000 we presented the views and engagement figures to the client. Seeing the potentially low figures, we instead investigated ways of better utilising their marketing budget.