Medical companies are amazing. They have the ability to develop new technologies that enrich the lives of patients who would otherwise suffer unnecessarily. Then work hard to improve on this.

Some say this is just evolution, we say it’s simply brilliant.

So what’s our role in all this?

Medical companies naturally work in a pure medical environment. This environment develops and fosters fantastic thinking, new products and new techniques in medical procedures and the revolutionary devices used in these new ways of working. The only down site to this is that in a number of cases help is needed in communicating all this to the medical world, hospitals, doctors and surgeons and then the patient – all of which require different types of communicate.

It is our job to work with medical companies and help them to communicate successfully in a language that is understood by the medical profession and the patient.

There are a few examples that demonstrate our medical marketing experience…

Mapi Group – Medical data company
Specialising in health research, analytics and regulatory services

Their challenge…
A global medical data business with a large number of subsidiaries all worked for the same group. This lead to communication not being as effective as it could or should be and ultimately, the group not necessarily being cost efficient.

How did we help?
Our medical marketing plan successful helped Mapi to reduce the various subsidiaries without loss of any positions and completed a full re-brand of the whole organisation so it communicated effectively across global markets.

This resulted in an improvement of communication as barriers were removed through the introduction of new digital and printed marketing materials for both internal and external use, all working to the new brand and communication guidelines.

The overall result of this was a credible and recognisable global brand with a consistent message and a better understanding of the services offered both internally and externally.

Marketing materials supplied included full branding, subsidiary branding, company brochure, newsletters, stationery, e-mail signatures and a technical news release.


Mauna Kea Technologies – French based medical company
Microscopic imaging for use in endoscopy procedures

Think about being able to identify a cancerous cell inside your esophagus as you were looking at it using an endoscope or checking to see if a polyp in your bowel requires immediate removal – all without having to waste time on a biopsy.

Like the idea? Well this is what Cellvizio® by Mauna Kea is able to do.

The issue was getting this message to hospitals and surgeons and educate the patient to the many benefits of this technology. Simple you may say, but it’s not.

Mauna Kea are highly skilled technical specialists but obviously not in marketing and sales. Using the experience Buzz Design has gained over 35 years enabled an understanding of the market and the language to use many clients don’t expect.

This converted into global marketing through product brochures, a surgeon web site, a patient web site and assisting Mauna Kea to change their technical language to one that resonates with medical professionals and patients alike.