Market research

Gaining insight using market research, industrial research, social research and opinion research by gathering data and interpreting it to help your business develop.

A key part of marketing is understanding who you should market to. Market research works towards understanding the needs of your customers and the customers of your competition.

One of two kinds of market research can be used to get the results that will be most enlightening for you. We are able to get quantitive results where we use surveys and questionnaires to get large amounts of data. With qualitative research, we go in much greater detail to gather an intelligent picture of your market.

First of all we use secondary research taken from trusted sources which compiles masses of hard data. In addition we also have a partner who is able to generate primary research via person-to-person interview, over the telephone or online.

As an extension of market research, we offer a mystery shopping service. Our experienced professionals visit your retail units and perform tasks including purchasing, asking questions, registering complaints and testing specific behaviours. This is especially relevant as it will help make sense of genuine customer interactions. Today it is much more than visiting in person and also encompasses contact on the telephone or even via email.

Case Study

Buzz Design has had experience in many markets and has completed market research across many sectors.

Home Renovation Provider
Using a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis we helped one business in two key areas. The first was to identify a gap in the market – in this case the use a unique material with a perceived higher quality. In addition, we also identified interesting geographical price perceptions which allowed the company to sell the exact same product for an increased margin which was still highly competitive.

Mattress Manufacturer
First of all, Buzz Design undertook SWOT analysis as part of a broader market research brief. During this we helped identify a huge shift in their market which has re-shaped their business and product offering.