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Creating an instantly recognisable brand to help your business stand out against its competitors

We might call it logo design, but it can be so much more

Your logo is everything your audience touches, whether that be your website, your marketing materials, your office signage, etc. Each time your audience views your brand, the message must be consistent.

We listen to who you are and your needs, so we can communicate the personality of your business to your clients, customers or users. It really is far more than a font, a shape and a catchy strapline.

A one size fits all approach doesn’t build great brands

A start-up rarely requires everything right away, however a more established company may need a complete package to ensure their marketing is consistent across digital and printed materials.

We take the time to understand where your company is and where it will be in the future, before creating a brand with the right tone of voice to not only fit your budget, but work for you into the future.

See some of our logo projects

Sterling Kitchens

Designing for a premium presence

Buzz Design were approached by Sterling Kitchens to develop a brand to elevate their already high-quality kitchens.

A sophisticated logo and marketing materials raised the company’s profile and allowed the business to reach new heights.

Sterling Kitchens logo design
Peter Duffy Ltd civil engineering logo design
Peter Duffy Ltd

Authoritative voice in civil engineering

We’ve worked with this civil engineering titan for many years and developed this instantly recognisable logo which is seen nationwide.

The logo has featured on marketing materials, vehicle liveries, and much more which helped establish Duffy as a leader in their sector.


Instant kudos for a new challenger

SewerCare brings together many individuals experience into an exciting start-up to take the drainage world by storm.

Our colourful and modern logo was well received and helped the company to grow under tough market conditions.

SewerCare draining company logo design

More logo projects

Let’s answer some of your questions

Unfortunately, we don’t have set project prices. Every logo design we work on has its own requirements that naturally alter the spec of the job. Once we’ve received your brief, we’re happy to give you an indicative quote and project timescale. Give your brief to five branding agencies and you’ll get a wide range of quotes, very dependant of quality of service.

Need a quick logo yesterday? No problem, but you might not have time to reflect on the design or offer your feedback for amendments. The truth is logo design project can take as little or as long as you like. It can largely depend on your availability to provide feedback during the various stages of your logo’s development. The more information you’re able to feed us at the start, the better chance we’ve got when we first present your logo concepts.

Unless you’ve been very involved in the creative process, we usually provide a range of different concepts for you to choose from. These might show different fonts, different colours or each be completely different ideas. There’s no rule on how many concepts you’ll receive, but we’ll always work with you to get an end result you’re thrilled with.

As soon as your logo is signed off we’ll deliver a package of logos in various file types which in our experience are suitable for all print and digital uses you can think of. This might extend to variants in different colours or light and dark versions.

Once you’ve got the logo of your dreams it is important to protect it against imitation in the future, whether deliberate or not. We have options which allow you to trademark your logo no matter your budget. If you contact us, we’re happy to explain what is available.

In recent years we’ve created logos for proud sole traders, growing family-run businesses, and a couple of big names that would make you say “I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere.” Our team tackle every logo with the same creativity and winning strategy and we have many great relationships with companies of all sizes.

If you want to improve your logo or branding we want to work with you. The easiest way to find out if a project is possible is to share your budget with us. Once we know this, we can use our experience to advise how to get the best results from your budget.

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