Why would a civil engineering, construction and utilities giant choose Buzz Design? For one reason – we didn’t want to just get to know the company. We wanted to understand how they work to help them grow.

Engineering covers many professional areas which we are familiar with. Today we focus on two different market sectors in which Buzz Design have longstanding relationships; civil engineering and precision metal engineering.

It’s been said that UK has lost its engineering skills. I’m here to inform you that this is not true. Currently the United Kingdom has some of the best people and skills in the world today and these skills drive new thinking around the globe.

Being a part of this as an engineering marketing specialist is exciting and a privilege.

Peter Duffy Limited – Civil engineering company
A great family business with expertise in utilities, construction and water

If you are one of the largest water companies in UK? Who do you go to for expertise in waste water? Who do you work with for technical civil construction projects? That company is Duffy who are masters in looking after the needs of Yorkshire Water, Welsh Water Dwr Cymru, Northumbrian Water and United Utilities.

DrainsAid, a division of Duffy Limited, are specialists in all things water (brown, grey and clean) including the re-habilitation of old and tired drainage systems to extend their life.

It’s a pleasure for Buzz Design to be a part or all this. Our engineering marketing plan has included reinventing the Duffy brand and building the DrainsAid brand, creating all the corresponding marketing materials for both, as well as photographing interesting locations below ground level and from the sky.

All only possible as we have have the best possible understanding of what is required to help the business develop and grow.


SLP – Precision metal engineering company
Specialist company who make one-off pieces in metal to amazing tolerances

When you need a one-off metal item fabricating, it’s complicated. It has many detailed requirement and must be machined from scratch form a solid billet of metal. No ordinary metal, a metal that highly graded for a long lifespan in challenging conditions.

SLP will make it, within tolerance and guaranteed to fit and work first time.

Once again, our understanding of the industry helped in creating the branding and marketing materials that communicate to their special market of like-minded thinkers.