Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Birstall

A successful campaign is much more than just creating an ad and waiting for the clicks

Directing high-quality traffic straight to your website

Pay-per-click, PPC, paid search, sponsored ads are all different names for online marketing that lets you place ads on a platform, such as Google, and you pay the host a fee every time your ad is clicked.

It is one of the fastest ways to drive high-quality traffic to your website and because you only pay when a user reaches your website, it can be very cost-effective and is always easy to track and measure.

A little bit more about pay-per-click advertising

Revealing audits

Are you already running a Google Ads campaign? We can carry out a complete audit which will highlight areas of opportunity and for improvement.


We’re here to provide guidance and support to businesses of all and sizes and will choose which keywords to use, which to avoid, and how to best use your budget.

Honest advice

Our research provides estimates based on your industry. PPC isn’t for everyone, so if we think you’re unlikely to get a return on investment we’ll always tell you upfront.

Quality score

Our methods make sure your quality score is as high as possible, so your ads attract the right kind of customers to your website at the lowest possible price.

Simple reporting

Our performance reports are easy to read and digest, so you’ll always know exactly how your PPC campaigns are performing month-to-month.

The right choices

There’s an overwhelming number of options available and you won’t need them all. We decipher the jargon and only implement what we believe is right for your business.

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