Demystify social media

For many companies, terms such as social media and digital marketing can be frightening but these newer forms of marketing are a great asset to every business in our brave new world.

64% of the population being active on social media in 2017. Is the social media market yet to be tapped for your business sector? Getting a foothold in this growing market could make or break the next decade for your business. Better still, social media will create lasting relationships with loyal clients who are vocal advocates for your brand.

It is important to remember social media is driven by data. We are able to see a great amount of information about who you are targeting. This goes from their location, age, sex, interests and even financial information. This allows us to gather a real picture of who your target market for other activities should be. At the other end, all the results are clear numbers and hard facts. What were the total number of views? How many interactions did a post receive? What was the extra return on boosting that post?

As well as simply posting content, we are able to advertise and boost posts for greater results. This shares your content outside the reach of your existing followers and as a result helps you gain the attention of others.

Case Study

Buzz Design have attracted social media management contracts from companies across the North of England. These companies have consequently attracted new audiences and in addition experienced great results.

Estate Agent
Recognising the need for better social media integration, a local estate agency asked Buzz Design for help sharing properties and showing these properties to more people. We used imagery with friendly language to showcase homes and share lifestyle content from other online sources. This helped to gain followers, boost levels of interaction and ultimately sell homes!

United Services
In late 2017 we successfully bid and won a contract to provide social media for a company providing services to the utilities industry. Over our social media campaign, we keep their audience up-to-date with what project crews are working on and share comments on industry news. This has worked to build an enviable portfolio of mini case studies. While in its infancy, this campaign has so far seen very positive results.