The passion and in-depth knowledge of Peter helped a Derby based classic car restorer showcase their expertise to gain high-level projects and become a world renowned leader in Aston Martin restoration.

The automotive industry is incredibly diverse and varies from new exotic supercars to pre-owned practical forms of transport. The automotive industry can be compared to a fast moving train, unless you are into classic restoration which is at a slower pace – but every bit as exciting.

We have a good understanding of how automotive marketing works thanks to decades of hands on experience.

BRT Bearings – Specialist bearing company
Specialising in the supply of bearing kits to the automotive industry

BRT Bearings had one brand with a range of bearing kits for the fast moving automotive industry with a single price point catering for a middle market sector.

Our automotive marketing plan was to lower the current brand price point slightly to shift BRT to cater for the lower middle market sector. Alongside this, we introduced a new brand – Premier Bearings – to look after the upper middle and high market sectors.

The result was amazing for the company. With both brands updated to cover a wider market, sales and profits both increased.

To develop further, we then had created a strategy and new brand to enter other commercial markets, for example specialist bearings for buses and coaches.

BRT was helped through marketing, branding, brand positioning, exhibition and printed materials – all with a clear message and consistent information.


70’s Car Restoration – Classic car restoration company
Specialising in the restoration of classic cars and bikes

How many other marketing companies have successfully launched a new business from scratch, looked after the marketing, branding as well as run the business as a separate enterprise?

The benefit of all this to you the client is that when you are working with Buzz Design you know that you are talking to an experienced company that understands common challenges in developing a business and making a profit and the value of investing revenue back into marketing and branding in order to obtain a return on your investment.

The purpose of a true business is an enterprise that generates revenue and profit for the benefit of all the employees, that grows with a view to sell.


Aston Engineering – Classic car restoration company
Aston Martin restoration experts

One of the very best Aston Martin restoration specialists in the world – which even Aston Martin themselves have been known to ask for help – needed help with their marketing.

This is a well established business with a clientele who are not always visible and very discreet. So how do we communicate to the person who is into their ‘old era’ Aston Martin cars?

Being an active member of the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) helped, and we successfully started the process of re-positioning Aston Engineering to where they are today.